What no one tells you about having a baby- my story

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On November 21st we welcomed baby #4 (also our 4th girl) to our family. The Monday before at my appointment the doctor informed me that i would not make it to my 38 week appointment that was to happen the following Monday. My Mom was planning on flying in on Sunday to watch the older girls while we were having the baby but after that appointment she changed her flight for Thursday and I put myself on bedrest and only got up to walk to the bus stop to get the girls. Everything went great and my Mom arrived and baby waited! Yay!!



Friday morning I woke up and my belly was so low it looked like baby was gonna fall out (see image below.) I hung out talking to my mom and started feeling contractions regularly at about 11am. At 2:30 I decided I should probably head over to the hospital and get checked out even though contractions werenot strong but they were 3 minuets apart!

delivery day


I went in they monitored me for an hour but since there was no progress in that hour the doctor sent me home (thank you so much for that unnecessary bill doctor.) The nurses were shocked that he sent me home. As we were leaving one of the nurses whispered “Go home and eat some dinner and I will see you in a few hours” that was at 3:30pm.

So we went home got some spicy Chinese take-out and ran a few errands then went home and ate as a family. After dinner we were eating popsicles and as i got up and was walking into the kitchen to get one for Temperance I felt a pop that kind of hurt. As I took another step the flood gates were opened!! It was baby time and there was no turning me away from the hospital this time!

Now this is the first time my water has fully broke and oh my heavens i didn’t realize what a mess it made and how it just keeps on coming with each step! My first pregnancy my water “sprung a leak” then my second I went into labor but my water didn’t break until later at the hospital. Then my 3rd I was induced so no water breaking naturally there.

You may try to put on a pad or to clean yourself up before you head into the hospital but don’t bother because I am telling you it will just keep.on.coming and you will never be clean!

Once you get to the hospital you meet your nurse who then calls your doctor (after she checks you to see your progress) after an hour or so your doctor will show up with his possy who are ready to enjoy the show..Oh wait thats actually not normal but I tell you what during this delivery the room was so full of people it was insane!! There was my husband Michael, the nurse, the babies nurse, the doctor, 2 student doctors and a student EMT and I was the focus of all of their attention or should I say my lady parts were which was super awkward to say the least!

Any who continuing on, the nurse will ask you if you are planning on having an epidural (Um of course I did!!) Then she will get the IV started and you will be greeted at some point by the phlebotomist who will draw your blood. Once your IV is started they will hunt down the anesthesiologist to get you the heavenly pain killer you requested.

I’ve had 3 epidurals prior to this one and not once have I heard of or experienced what I am about to tell you. When they do the epidural and have it “placed” they put in a small test dose of the meds that has epinephrine in it to see if it is placed properly or if it is in your blood stream, it is not suppose to be in your blood stream! What happens if it is in your blood stream you ask? Well let me tell you, first your heart will start racing, you will get light headed and dizzy and feel as if you are plugging your ears and everything sounds muffled. TELL SOMEONE IF THIS HAPPENS!! The down side is they will have to poke you again the up side is once they remove it all of the symptoms go away! YAY!!

Once you have the epidural they will give you a catheter because your body is numb and cant tell when it needs to go potty. With my second delivery the nurse forgot to place the catheter and my bladder tripled in size and was holding baby up for hours! Once the doctor relieved my overly stretched out bladder we had a baby in 30 mins!

Now with an epidural you will know when you need to push because you will feel pressure no pain just pressure. That is when you call a nurse in and tell them to get ready!! LOL

All of this you may have heard about in a birthing class (I have never taken one hah) but what you may not know is what happens after you have the baby.

Once the baby is out if you tore at all they will stitch you up. After that is done and the baby is all cleaned up you are left alone to try to figure out what to do with your new little bundle that you are 100% responsible for. They tell you to rest but then they are in and out of your room every 30 minutes- 1 hour, it is awful!! Then there is the blood pressure cuff that goes off just as often waking you up every time you are about to finally dose off.

baby zoe


The first time you go potty they will measure it to make sure you are working properly. They also give you a little bottle to fill with warm water to “rinse” your lady parts after each potty. When you have a baby all modesty is lost! Haha!

Oh and then there are the mother of all pads with the special mesh panties. They may be huge and weird to wear but dang it is so nice to not worry about any leaking because let me tell you after having a baby you bleed soooooo much!! And its not at all like a period it is the yuckiest heaviest bleeding you will ever experience.

You will have the opertunity to take a shower if you want but honestly I waited till I got home this last time since I was only planning on staying the 24 hours and thats it!!

Once home that is when the fun starts because you are so sleep deprived from the nurses coming in and out of your room all night long you will fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The first week with a new born is by far the toughest as your body tries to adjust to the new sleeping schedule for example: Night feeding of a baby 9pm, 11pm-12am, 2-3am and 5-6am and if you have other kids at that point you are up for the day getting them ready for school. And you know the saying that everyone says “Sleep when baby does?” Yeah that doesn’t work when you have other young children that don’t nap!! I have fallen asleep while watching a show with Tempe many times only to be woken up by her shouting at me “Mommy open your eyes. Its morning time!!”

sleeping when baby does


One thing that you must do to make yourself not totally lose it is to pick ONE yes just ONE thing that you will do everyday around the house, I suggest dishes unless you have paper plates/bowls and plastic forks and spoons. If you do this you will be happy that you actually got something done and it will make it easier for you to slowly add to your daily house chores. Your house is going to become a mess (especially if you have other kiddos, Im talking from experience here) but don’t stress things will get back to normal but as for now you will be in survival mode! LOL

I will continue on with this on my next post about “Surviving with a Newborn” But for now this will have to do as I am needed by my little Zoe.


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