DIY Letter Wreath Using Sticks

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Hello everyone!

Just the other day I got super fed up with our neighbors trees that hang over the fence dividing our yards (if you can even call them yards, ours is pure concrete) that drop all of their leaves, fruit (ones a plum tree) and blossoms onto our concrete and leave it for us to clean up. So I took a nice new pruning saw and had at it, at least all that I could easily reach. Which ended in a scared dog and a huge pile of trees to be cleaned up.

I didn’t have any yard bags, because hello our yard is concrete which means no trees or bushes. So I decided that once I made it over to the store I would get some but for now there has got to be something I can make with these dry branches? That’s when I got the idea that I should use them to make a new letter “M” wreath for our front door so I got started.

You will need:

High temp glue gun



scissors or knife

Ribbon, flowers ect… to decorate and to hang letter

I found a nice sized box and traced an “M” on it.

Letter wreath

Then I took the handy dandy razor blade and cut it all out.

Letter wreath

Once that was done you will have a nice letter to glue on.

Letter wreath

I went out to my tree pile and gathered a hand full of branches. Our dog has been super happy to have sticks to eat and then throw up in the house, yeah they need gone ASAP!

Letter wreath

As you start gluing the sticks on start with the edges to give your letter a nice clean look.

Letter wreath

Once the letter is outlined it should look like this.

Letter wreath

Now just go to town breaking sticks and gluing them all over the place. Its like a fun puzzle. Kids can help with this to which is nice to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Letter wreath

Now once that’s on you can decorate and personalize your letter a little more with flowers, bows, eggs (for Easter) really anything that tickles your fancy. Then you are done!! These are super easy to make and look really cute on the door.

Letter wreath

Once you have it all filled up with sticks find some ribbon or similar, I used some bias tape to glue to the back of the letter so you can hang it up. note: Check the hanging depth if you have a “peep” hole on your door so it won’t be covering it up while its hanging on the door.

Letter wreath



Then you can go crazy and make a bunch of different letters because you have a TON of housework to do that you just don’t want to do because it just keeps breeding and you feel as though you’re drowning in housework. Plus cleaning wakes up the baby and the baby NEEDS her sleep!!


letter wreath using tree trimmings


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