Onward CHRISTIAN’S Soldiers- A little boys journey

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Years ago when we lived in Yakima, WA I met my friend Aimee. Aimee was one of those moms who loved to get out and do stuff with her kids non-stop! It made me tired sometimes thinking of all the things she did. LOL

Flash forward to 18 months ago when she was expecting her 4th baby and it was her healthiest pregnancy ever! We were no longer in Yakima but through facebook I read all about how excited her and her family were to find out they were adding another boy to the family. The delivery went off without a hitch and they were home way sooner then they have ever been with any of their babies. It was a miracle.

Christian's Soldiers

But 2 weeks later that miracle ended….As she took little Christian in to his 2 week appointment she mentioned they had noticed his breathing was off. From that moment on their lives were changed. Here is a video to fully explain what I’m talking about.

Christian’s Soldiers from Aimee Lybbert on Vimeo.

Christian is 100% boy and is not letting his little broken heart and no spleen slow him down one bit, as this picture she posted on his facebook page Christian’s Soldiers clearly shows.

Christian's Soldiers

On Sept 19th she posted the following picture and that they got great news

I just heard from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (Stanford) and Christian’s Washington state insurance approved his surgery and pre-op the day before without a hitch!!

I have been fretting about this for months.

When you travel out of state for a surgery with medicaid it is notoriously hard. Often surgeries are delayed while appeals are filed. This is going to be our second surgery at Stanford and for the second time the approval process has gone so smoothly. It is such a blessing.

I tried to tell Christian: Yippee, you’re getting open heart surgery in less than 3 weeks from the best surgeon on the west coast!!

….He was less than impressed.”

Christian's Soldiers


As Christian and his family gear up for his biggest most invasive surgery yet you can imagine the amount of stress and anxiety they are feeling. But on top of that with all the doctor appointments, 3 older kids to care for, medications needed and now traveling expenses for this next surgery finances have become extremely tight. If you would like to help lighten the financial burden this wonderful family has you can do so here http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/onward-christian-s-soldiers/236184

As always prayers are greatly appreciated! We love you Lybbert Family!





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