Kids Birthday Gift Idea- Secret Agent

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My oldest is going to a birthday party today for a boy¬† in her class. As I was talking to her about what she may want to get him I asked “What about a secret Agent kit with mustaches and other agent stuff?” She loved the idea but insisted we also make some bow ties because this boy “Loves bow ties, he wears one every week to church!”

secret agent gift idea 1

We headed over to the fabric store to get some felt and elastic to make some awesome “stashes” and she also browsed all the fabric in search for the perfect print for a bow tie. Once she found one we were standing in line to get the fabric cut and she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said “Mommy, the fabric store just brings out my imagination!” I love that she has the creativity to come up with fun things to make.

It is super easy, one of a kind and doesn’t break the bank! Any who, here is what we compiled to make the secret agent kit.

  1. Stashes
  2. bow ties
  3. FBI Kit (from the dollar store)
  4. Laser pen (Dollar store)
  5. Fruit strip gum (or any gum of choice)
  6. Small Note pads
  7. Fake teeth
  8. Cool pen (His has a spider man light on it)
  9. And for good measure we threw in an ultimate nerd Tee shirt we made for him (check here if you wanna make your own)

secret agent gift idea

And there you have it. A fun one of a kind gift.



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