Halloween Door “Wreath”

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I’m so excited for the holiday season to start!! Can you believe that Halloween is next month?!? Insane!!

This week in preparation for Halloween I decided that our door needed a little sprucing up (it needs a new paint job too but that will have to wait until the weather drops below 100)

I saw somewhere on Pinterest the Idea of doing the first letter of your last name covered in gooly eyes and loved it! So Tempe and I headed over to good old Joanns fabric and picked up a nice big letter “M” for just a couple bucks (thanks to coupons).

To start our you will need to paint your letter black then let it dry. Then you will hot glue (with a low temp glue gun) all the millions, or in our case 446, googly eyes onto the letter. Once you are done you add your ribbon for hanging and if you want you can add a bow or you could even do a mouth!

I love how it turned out and even though it took forever gluing on all those darn eyes it was a really easy project. What do you think?Halloween Wreath


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