Potty Training Tips and Tricks

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So you’re thinking about starting potty training? Good luck!! Haha

Just kidding. Today I am going to share what I have learned potty training 3 girls.

  • Introduction– Introduce your little one to the potty around 18 months just to get them used to the idea
  • You Gotta Go– Each time you go to the bathroom set them on their potty too (It works perfect since they are always following you into the bathroom anyway.) Most of the time nothing will happen, if anything ever does, but it helps get them familiar with what is suppose to happen when they go in the bathroom.

  • Patiences– You are going to need a ton of patients when potty training! Because even though you introduce them to the idea of going on the potty at 18 months they will most likely start out loving the idea, because its new and exciting, then they will just stop showing any interest at all!! This is completely normal don’t freak out!!
  • Read- Read lots of little books about potty training. They are everywhere!! Here are some of our favorites!

    • Big NO NO!!– One of the things I noticed with my older girls is that switching from a diaper to a pull up did not encourage them to go on the potty because lets face it a pull up is just a more expensive diaper!! Note: if your child is anything like my youngest who is super stubborn about potty training and has finally decided its her time, but also huge!! (She just turned 3 and wears a girls size 6!!) Pull ups will pretty much be your only resort.
    • No Pull ups then what?- You have a ton of options for reusable training pants. With my older girls we used the Gerber Panties with the Vinyl cover. With Tempe I first used the Blueberry (I love these!!) Then when she no longer fit in the size large (she is a girls size 6 after all) We went shopping and let her pick out her “special” Panties. Can I just say they have the cutest little super hero panties for girls!! I love Tempes little bumm in them I could die!!

  • Rewards– Rewarding your child for using the potty is a great way to get them motivated. You can use stickers on a sticker chart. For my  girls we did candy rewards for the first week then we moved on to stickers that they could decorate their potty with that they each picked out.
  • Time-  When Potty training you need to watch the clock! If you do not watch the clock and take they child potty at least once every hour you will end up having to clean up accidents! As they get it the time between potty trips will become farther apart but to be safe start with the every hour.
  • They are each different– The most important thing to remember is each child is different. You may have one child that takes to potty training right away and never wants a diaper again. Then your next child will want nothing to do with it until they are 3+. Depending on their  stubbornness (Tempe is by far my most stubborn/strong headed child so far) you may just have to sit in the back seat and wait for them to decide that they are ready for the potty and no more diapers. I tried all the bribery in the world with that kid and she couldn’t care less! So I just waited….Then finally 2 weeks ago she decided she wanted to wear panties!! I was shocked and you know what…. She has only had 2 accidents!!

So if you have been struggling with your little one using the potty calm down and give them a little space. With my oldest, Myla, I was one of those moms that thought “You are 2 years old it is time for you to use the potty” and tried pushing her to use it. In the end it backfired big time!! She wanted nothing to do with the potty until she was 3 and  a half!! Once I backed off and gave her some space she did it on her own.

The major plus side to waiting for her to decide, was once she decided to start using the potty she did it flawlessly with no accidents and that includes at night!! It was amazing!!

Potty training tips and tricks


Do you have any other tips or tricks for those Moms just starting on this potty training journey? Please share them below.

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