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Its that time of year again, summer is coming to an end and school is starting again!!

I don’t know about any of you but I grew up disliking school and I still don’t like it!! Don’t tell my kids! HA! If anyone thinks that once they are done with school they will never have to do it again, think again if you have or plan on having kids!! I think that it is even worse being the parent because you have so much to do every day during the school year. Ranging from waking kids up and getting them ready to shuttling them around making sure their homework is done and done properly then getting everyone off to bed! But somewhere in there you also have to clean house, make meals and entertain the little ones that aren’t in school yet and have suddenly become super needy from lack of siblings to entertain and play with them. It is so much work!! During the summer we can relax, sleep in (which still never happens) play games, go to the park/splash pad and play with friends. It sure is heavenly!

Well on to the school stuff because like it or not its coming!!

Today I had my girls pick out what backpack they want. I love my girls having different/unique things that reflect them but yet are functional. So this morning I hoped onto good old trusty Amazon and found a few fun/unique styles which also happen to be popular Korean and Japanese backpacks.

Why do they get all the awesome styles of clothing and accessories? It drives me nuts!!

Anyway here are some of my top picks: Click on the link to buy your favorite!! Good luck with the school shopping!!

Myla picked the bag above in the sky blue and when it came it was even nicer then I expected!! Awesome bag!

Payton chose the red bag above and I love it!! When it arrived it was kind of smelly but the smell went away quickly. Payton is in love with it!


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